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City Wanderer’s Mission

Started in 2013 and officially founded in 2015, City Wanderer created the one and only experiential education model--Wandering Challenge in the world. Through our model, youth between 16-26 courageously explore their passion, dare to make changes and discover different possibilities for their future, thus enhancing their self-understanding and participation in the society. Throughout the process of the Wandering Challenge, participants gradually clarify their direction and find their value and worth in the world. As they realize that they too could impact others and the society, they start to feel a sense of purpose and begin to take actions, bringing meaningful changes to the society.


Through the form of gamified experience and leadership, we strive to inspire youth to step toward a path of purpose. We firmly believe that: To change the world, it takes not one single person doing a lot, but a lot of people doing a little.

Awards and Media Reports

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