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Support or Collaborate with Us

Thank you for agreeing with our mission and willing to support us!
Here are a few ways you can do so:


  1. Donation: Through your organizational or individual contribution, you can help us sustain our service and expand Wandering Challenge to other cities and countries to impact more young people in the world!

  2. Become Strategic Partner: We appreciate any partnership opportunity with you to make Wandering Challenge even better, whether that is through providing professional skills, transportation support, materials, or venue etc!

  3. Apply to be Licensed Partner: If you or your organization is interested in bringing the Wandering Challenge to your city and region to impact local youth, please get in touch with us and we would love to discuss further!


For further information about ways to support or collaborate with use, please email We will connect with you shortly!



  1. 捐款支持歡迎貴單位或您個人透過實際直接的資金支持,讓流浪挑戰賽服務可以擴展到更多城市。

  2. 成為合作夥伴歡迎貴單位或您個人透過策略合作,提供專業能力、交通、物資、場地等類型的深度支持。

  3. 申請城市授權歡迎貴單位或您個人透過資料申請,將流浪挑戰賽帶到您所在的城市,影響在地青年起身行動。




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