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International Partner:

4 countries, 6 regions

Overseas Wandering Challenge 

Total Participants : 700+

Taiwan Wandering Challenge 

Total Participants : 700+

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Total Mission Completed: 9000+

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International Conference 

Participants: 400+

City wanderer have held more than 60 challenges in 14 cities in Taiwan, serviced over 10,000 students. We have also held 3 challenges in Hong Kong and China, even one in the US. In toal, the participants completed more than 35,000 missions. Many missions design for them to make connections and interact with relatives and strangers, thus through these missions they influenced over 150,000 people indirectly. Not only did they raise awareness and increase public’s understanding about issues such as the environment, homelessness, migrant workers, and the handicapped community, they also brought more positivity and warmth to this society.


According to the self-assessments, participants experience significant growth in their mindset and ability in different dimensions. Our results show that post participation, students greatly enhanced their self-awareness and self-esteem, were more willing to take initiative in communication, and expressed that their family understands them better after the Challenge. When facing unfamiliar challenges, not only do they have more courage to explore, they also have more confidence in solving problems that come. In addition, they have more concerns for various social issues, believe that they can influence others and developed an increased sense of social responsibility. Quantitatively, on average participants experience a growth of 5-11% on different mindsets and abilities after the Challenge.

Through the missions in the Challenge, participants have more chances to put social issues they care about into action. Once, a team raised awareness about AIDS in their mission, last year another team also incorporated the LGBT rights in their mission to promote respect and diversity. In our alumni pool of approximately 10,000 people, many have been inspired by the Challenge and become leaders or members of different startups and social enterprises. Programs or institutions they have founded or participated in include Taiwan Ministry of Education Youth Council, Flying Crazyer educational marketing firm, Free The Handcuff program, ZAZA Photography for Cambodian Children, Teach for Taiwan teaching fellows etc.

Past Mission and Results

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