City Wanderer’s Mission

Started in 2013 and officially founded in 2015, City Wanderer created the one and only experiential education model--Wandering Challenge in the world. Through our model, youth between 16-26 courageously explore their passion, dare to make changes and discover different possibilities for their future, thus enhancing their self-understanding and participation in the society. Throughout the process of the Wandering Challenge, participants gradually clarify their direction and find their value and worth in the world. As they realize that they too could impact others and the society, they start to feel a sense of purpose and begin to take actions, bringing meaningful changes to the society.


Through the form of gamified experience and leadership, we strive to inspire youth to step toward a path of purpose. We firmly believe that: To change the world, it takes not one single person doing a lot, but a lot of people doing a little.




Journey of the Homeless
According to the statistics, Taiwan has approximately 9,000 reported homeless people. Healthy problems, substance abuse, violence and abandonment are some prominent reasons for them to be homeless.Currently, the age of the homeless people has rejuvenated; plenty homeless people have the same age as yours.
Therefore, we invite you to prepare one meal and give it to one homeless person. Meanwhile, please talk to him or her and try to listen to his or her story.
March toward zero waste
In everyday life, we create trash, but do you know the exact amount of trash you generate?

Please collect all the trash you have generated for three days, including plastic bag, cup, straw, cookie box, DM and so on.
After three days, please display all your trash on the table and take a picture with them.
Life’s Checklist
Life is capricious. We often can not predict what will happen in the future. We do not know when our life will end or be certain to complete all our dreams.

Please write down twenty tasks that you have to do in your lifetime and their complete dates on a piece of paper. Then, please ask three friends or family members to witness your commitments to the dreams and sign on the paper.
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What is Wandering Challenge?

The idea of Wandering Challenge was born in 2013, with the purpose of urging students to step out of school, make the city their classroom and create meaningful learning and growth through challenging themselves and their comfort zone. The Challenge designs for 3 students to form a team, challenge themselves to complete 30 missions within 3 weeks. These missions encourage students to bravely make personal breakthroughs, meet and listen to people from diverse social levels and minority groups, and attempt to create changes using innovative methods. Through Wandering Challenge, young people develop a sense of purpose and responsibility for the world, and as a result they try to make the world a better place as they pursue their passion.


Can this “Sense of Purpose” be taught?


You might be wondering this question, and actually many countries in the world are still researching on this question as well. At City Wanderer, we believe the answer is Yes! According to the theory of purpose proposed by Stanford professor William Damon, there are 12 necessary steps involved in cultivating youth to become an action-oriented person with a sense of purpose. Therefore, we synthesized the concepts in this theory with oriental values to create four main dimensions, with different missions in them and respective mindset or ability we seek to cultivate in each dimension:


  1. Self-Awareness: Self-understanding, self-approval, and the ability to listen to oneself

  2. Adventure & Challenge: Courage to make personal breakthroughs, perseverance, and the ability to problem-solve.   

  3. Connection Rebuilding: Communication and interperonsal relationship development

  4. Social Participation: Global citizenship, empathy, and social responsibility.






這是全球各國都尚在研究的問題,而城市浪人相信是可以的。根據Stanford University 教授 William Damon 的使命感教育理論,要培育青年成為有目的感並有行動力的人,有12大項目,於是我們在結合這個教育理論與東方文化價值後,統整出四大面向的任務以及相關任務應培養的能力:

  1. 自我覺察:培養自我理解、自我認同、與傾聽內心的能力

  2. 冒險挑戰:培養自我突破的勇氣、挫折忍受力、解決問題能力

  3. 連結再造:培養溝通表達能力、人際關係維持

  4. 社會參與:培養社會議題關懷、世界公民素養、同理心

Journey of the Homeless

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March toward zero waste

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Life’s Checklist

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