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What is Wandering Challenge?

The idea of Wandering Challenge was born in 2013, with the purpose of urging students to step out of school, make the city their classroom and create meaningful learning and growth through challenging themselves and their comfort zone. The Challenge designs for 3 students to form a team, challenge themselves to complete 30 missions within 3 weeks. These missions encourage students to bravely make personal breakthroughs, meet and listen to people from diverse social levels and minority groups, and attempt to create changes using innovative methods. Through Wandering Challenge, young people develop a sense of purpose and responsibility for the world, and as a result they try to make the world a better place as they pursue their passion.


Can this “Sense of Purpose” be taught?


You might be wondering this question, and actually many countries in the world are still researching on this question as well. At City Wanderer, we believe the answer is Yes! According to the theory of purpose proposed by Stanford professor William Damon, there are 12 necessary steps involved in cultivating youth to become an action-oriented person with a sense of purpose. Therefore, we synthesized the concepts in this theory with oriental values to create four main dimensions, with different missions in them and respective mindset or ability we seek to cultivate in each dimension:


  1. Self-Awareness: Self-understanding, self-approval, and the ability to listen to oneself

  2. Adventure & Challenge: Courage to make personal breakthroughs, perseverance, and the ability to problem-solve.   

  3. Connection Rebuilding: Communication and interperonsal relationship development

  4. Social Participation: Global citizenship, empathy, and social responsibility.

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